What Causes Hair Damage and How to Fix This Issue

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In this article, we will discuss what causes hair damage, and how you can fix this issue both at home and with the help of one of our great hair stylists in the best hair salon Thousand Oaks. Ladies and gentlemen all over the world want to have vibrant and healthy hair. So how do we accomplish this?what causes hair damage

What Causes Hair Damage: Split Ends

The first step in having beautiful hair that is full of health is to know what causes hair damage. The main culprit is known as “split ends”. Split ends, like the name suggests, is a type of hair breakage that causes a strand of hair to split into two or even more fragments. Oftentimes, split ends are mistaken for frizzy hair, and while the two can go hand-in-hand, having split ends is not the same as having hair that is frizzy.

Split ends and other forms of hair damage can be caused by quite a few things. One common practice that leads to the damage of hair is detangling improperly. When it comes to using a comb or a brush, it is important to be gentle. Starting from the bottom and working your way up to the roots of your hair is a better way to detangle. Using a detangling spray can also help to make your strands more manageable for when it comes time to brush it out.

Be Careful With Your Wet Hair

Another culprit of hair damage is brushing or combing when the hair is still wet. It’s worth noting that wet hair suffers breakage much easier than dry strands. Those who have straight hair may find that brushing or combing while the tresses are dry is a better way to go about it than when the hair is wet. Those with curly hair, however, do not always have an easy time brushing when hair is dry. Most, if not all, individuals who have curly or wavy hair suffer from frizz unless hair is styled while wet. In this case, it is a good idea to apply product while the hair is damp. Then you may comb through the strands with the fingers. Once you have your hair styled the way you like, try not to touch it as best as you can.

Another cause of hair damage is heat. This can be from the outdoors, but the majority of heat-related damage comes from styling tools like hair dryers and flat irons. While there is nothing wrong with using tools that cause heat, you don’t want to apply heat to your strands every single day. A day off, plus regular conditioning of the hair, is essential to helping your hair stay healthy.

Keep Your Healthy With Regular Trimmings

While you want to take care of your strands from the comfort of your home, it’s also important to regularly see your hair stylist in order to keep up the health of your tresses. Regular trims can keep your hair vibrant while limiting hair breakage, frizz, and other forms of damage. Talk to your stylist here at Pacific Breeze Salon to determine how often you need to visit the salon in order to have the best head of hair you possibly can. Good luck!

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