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Pacific Breeze Salon is proud to offer facial waxing  services in Thousand Oaks. Our brow styling expert is here to make you look and feel amazing. Visit us today for eyebrow styling, tinting, lip and chin waxing!

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Eyebrow Style & Tint $25
Eyebrow Styling $18
Eyebrow Tint $10
Lip Wax $6
Chin Wax $10
Eyebrow & Lip & Chin Wax $30
Eyebrow Styling Special Buy 5 Waxes Get 6th One Free

Information On Facial Waxing Thousand Oaks

Facial waxing is a fascinating option to enhance one’s aesthetic appeal.

With a professional at the helm, the results can be exciting and something that will bring a smile to your face. It’s essential to consider the best salon on the region for appropriate waxing results.

Here is more on what makes facial waxing unique.

Pros of Face Waxing in Thousand Oaks

There are many reasons to venture down this path, and it’s important, so first of all let’s begin with the positives of face waxing.

1) Inexpensive
2) Highly Precise and Clean
3) Quick Results
4) Hair Grow Back Finer Than Before

These are the positives of face waxing and why it is often regarded as one of the finest routes for a person to take. It enhances one’s look and feels great on the skin.

Cons of Face Waxing Thousand Oaks

Let’s move onto the cons for waxing one’s face and what can come up during a session. Not all of these cons appear, but it is essential to keep them in mind regardless.

1) Regrowth of 1cm is Required Before Waxing
2) Can Cause Redness/Irritation
3) Can Be Painful For Some
4) Wax Can Create Allergic Reaction For Some

For these cons, it’s important to note a professional will focus on all of these details before progressing. They will ensure the wax ingredients don’t harm the skin and everything is done to reduce pain and not cause bleeding. This is why DIY waxing options aren’t recommended for anyone.

A professional is trained to do this in a precise manner without hurting the client.

Benefits of Facial Waxing by a Professional

1) Fast Results
2) Crisp Results
3) Lasts Longer Than Other Options

All of these benefits are the reason clients prefer to head down this path and think it is the right way to remove hair from their face without worrying about how it looks. For more information on our professional salon services, visit our hair salon services page.

Face Waxing Near Me

It is best to go to those who are trained for this job as it will ensure the results are on par with expectations. Find the right face waxing salon near you to get going towards a good appointment that will leave your face feeling like a million bucks.

How Much Does Facial Waxing Cost

How much does it cost to have facial waxing done? It will vary from salon to salon, but consequently, it is cheaper than other more permanent means like electrolysis.

It will cost $8-10 for lip waxing. The same applies for chin waxing.

If you choose the eyebrow and lip waxing package can come in at around $22.

How Long Does Facial Waxing Last?

For those who are wondering how long this is going to last, it tends to depend on the person and their genetics. However, for most people, it is going to take no less than 6-8 weeks before the hair starts coming in all over again.

As a result, this is more than enough time for those who want to keep their face looking smooth and fantastic. Plus facial waxing Thousand Oaks lasts much longer than bleaching the hair.

Face waxing Thousand Oaks is one of the best ways for people to look and feel their best at all times. Because of this, we suggest you focus on the benefits, so you feel good about yourself.



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