The Hottest Summer Hair Trends For 2017

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Warmer weather is finally upon us! If you’re thinking about cropping your hair, now is the perfect time to make the switch. Short hair is ideal for summer. If you know you want shorter hair, but aren’t sure about a style, you should take a look at the hottest summer hair trends of 2017. These styles are short, sexy, and perfect for the summer season. Bring a piture in to your stylist at your favorite Thousand Oaks hair salon.

summer hair trends 2017 banged bobSummer Hair Trends: A Banged Bob

Bobs are a classic style, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. As a matter of fact, a lot of bobs are downright bold!

If you want to add interest to your bob, you should consider adding bang. Stars like Rihanna have paired a bob with thick bangs. A cut like this will give you an edgy and summer-friendly look.

Summer Hair Trends: Tousled Layers

Does your hair get unruly in the summer? If you have a hard time keeping your hair looking neat in the summer weather, you might want to ask your stylist for tousled layers. For a short, tousled cut, you’ll be able to make that messiness work for you.

If you’re not ready for a super-short crop, tousled layers also work well for medium length styles. Talk to a Pacific Breeze stylist and see what length they recommend for you.

Summer Hair Trends: Subtle Choppy Layers

In the 90s, shag cuts were hugely popular. A lot of the hottest stars rocked a shag style. Now, the 90s are back, and many women are opting for a softer, more feminine version of the classic shag cut.

If you want to rock this style, you should ask your stylist for more subtle choppy layers. Have the stylist work with the natural wave of your hair. You’ll wind up with a soft look that is absolutely perfect for summer. This style is an especially good choice for thin hair; it’s a terrific way to add some body to your locks.

summer hair trends 2017 asymmetricle a lineSummer Hair Trends: An Asymmetrical A-Line

Some of the best summer hair cuts aren’t clean and neat. Uneven cuts, like asymmetrical a-lines, can be incredibly flattering.

These cuts are easy to style; you can straighten your hair or simple add in some mousse and let it air dry. These cuts are also surprisingly versatile. Even though your hair will be short, you’ll be able to style it in a lot of different ways.

Summer Hair Trends: Feathered Pixies

Do you think you’re ready for a pixie? If you’re considering this ultra-short cut, you might want to look at feathered pixies. Combining feathered hair with a traditional pixie can make this style feel more feminine. If you have thinner hair, a cut like this will also give your hair a lot of texture.

If you want a pixie, but aren’t a fan of feathered hair, you may want to ask for the stylist to leave your bangs longer. Celebrities like Ruby Rose have been wearing their hair like this.

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