Top 6 Summer Hair Tips for 2017

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A hot and humid day can do a number on your hair’s texture and quality. As the summer months roll around, it’s important to keep tabs on your hair care routine. The tips mentioned in this article will provide immediate insight on what’s required for those sweat-inducing summer days that come around every year.

Summer Hair Tip #1: Let The Hair Breathe

Don’t go wild while styling your hair. You want the hair to remain in its natural state. This is going to ensure the clogs don’t get trapped making it impossible for your hair to grow. summer hair tip 3 thousand oaks salon

Summer Hair Tip #2: Buy A Set of Hats

While going outside, take the time to buy a hat so you can protect your hair. The UV rays outside will be at their worst, and it’s important to have a hat nearby. It will not only protect your hair but is going to be a wonderful shield for your face too.

Summer Hair Tip #3: No Ponytails Allowed

Ponytails are a horrible option when it comes to handling summer hair. Avoid them at all costs!

Why should you be avoiding ponytails in such a vigorous manner? It has to do with the weakening of your hair follicles. They will start to pull apart, and that is when your hair will fall out. The hairs on your head weaken during the summer, and you have to avoid restricting them.

Summer Hair Tip #4: Hydrate Your Body

Are you drinking enough water?

Your body is going to sweat, and that is going to impact your ability to retain water. You have to maintain a good amount of water to ensure your hair looks fresh and doesn’t go limp. Yes, your hair does depend on how much water you’re consuming.

Hydrate your body and make it a habit you stick to as it has a number of key benefits.

Summer Hair Tip #5: Let Hair Dry Naturally Before Styling

How are you drying your hair on a daily basis after a shower/bath? summer hair tip 5 thousand oaks salon

This is an important question to ask. You want to make sure the hair is allowed to dry without the use of a hair dryer or regular towel. Instead, let it air dry and then start styling. It will maintain the integrity of your hair and ensure it lasts for a long time without leading to split ends.

Many people ignore this advice and pay for it during the summer months.

Summer Hair Tip #6: Use Olive Oil To Moisturize Hair

The heat can start to soak up the natural oils on your head, and it’s important to replenish before damage sets in.

Rubbing olive oil into the hair in a methodical manner can do wonders for the hair’s texture and quality. It’s recommended to do this multiple times a week to keep the hair feeling like a million bucks. Remain patient while you work through the hair and avoid chemicals.

Stick to essential oils such as olive oil because they’re natural and healthy.

These are the top summer hair tips for you to keep in mind. These hot and humid days might make it difficult to style your hair but with the right hair care habits, it’s easier to manage, and positive results can be had.  For more summer hair info, vist our Thousand Oaks hair salon blog page on 2017 Summer Trends.

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