Regenix & Hair Loss, The Facts

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Hair loss is a genetic condition which eventually results in balding. Thinning hair and hair loss was previously untreatable. But with the changing times in the society, a solution has been achieved giving affected parties hope of regaining their hair. It is possible to have shinier and thicker with as little as 6 months. Regenix can also help those people with damaged or dry hair, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Dandruff. The Regenix Hair Loss Treatment can help with these problems.

Regenix Hair Loss Treatment

It is possible to prevent hair loss by treating the scalp prior to the balding stage. Regenix is an at-home treatment product used for scalp and hair loss issues. Regenix is a three stage system which involves a custom treatment package. This is non-surgical and made from natural ingredients which work above and below the surface of the scalp to end the deterioration process.

regenix hair loss treatment thousand oaks hair salon

The program prevents additional hair loss, creating a healthy setting for new hair growth. This treatment is customized because people are different with different needs. Therefore, there are different combinations available which is why it is important to get the right solution that meets your needs. The natural derived, liquid bio-pharmaceutical is tailored with regard to your hair micro analysis, health profile and scalp.

The three stages of the program include:

Scalp Rejuvenation

A jump start kit is sent to your address in order for you to clean the scalp. Based on the health profile, the cleanser is massaged each week into the scalp three times. Scalp Rejuvenation helps in normalizing oily or dry scalp conditions, emulsifying accumulated residue in the entrance of follicles, eliminating dandruff and exfoliating dead skin as well as assist relieve Psoriasis symptoms.

The jump start kit should contain:

– A Follicle Cleanser
– A Scalp Protectant
– Free Hair Micro analysis
– 30-day plan Regenix bio-pharmaceutical scalp treatment vials
– A dry or Moisture Balance Conditioning Shampoo

In order for stage 2 to commence, it is required to send strands of hair to the clinic for hair micro analysis. This will enable the lab technicians to determine the health and thickness of your hair shaft, the shape, size and general condition of the bulb and lastly the composition and presence of follicle debris.

After analysis of your hair sample, an email containing an explanation of your analysis results will be sent to you. It will include a recommended treatment schedule and program as well as a payment plan. There are also microscopic images that show your root bulbs and hair shafts attached.

Follicle Cleansing

Follicle Cleansing is the second stage in Regenix. Just like in the first stage, the second stage also requires to massage your scalp three times per week as well. You will also continue to use the hygienic products as instructed. The products include protectant, shampoo and deep follicle cleanser. This stage is involved in penetrating the follicles, emulsifying buildup of debris at the root as well as neutralize other scalp issues.

Hair Thickening

This is the third stage which provides an efficient environment for the production of healthier, stronger and thicker hair. The custom made treatments have natural nutrients such as Keratin Proteins, Amino Acids and Biotin together with DHT blockers and vasodilators. This last stage increases metabolism in the scalp, blood circulation stimulating the roots and neutralize negative genetic issues.

regenix hair loss treatment thousand oaks hair salon

In order to avoid recurring problems, it is wise to enroll in a maintenance program. The maintenance program is less costly as compared to the main stages so as to keep your scalp and hair healthy. Regenix is all natural and works for women and men of any age with no side effects whatsoever.

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