Hair Salons Open on Sunday | Pacific Breeze Salon has New Hours

Hair Salons Open on Sunday Thousand Oaks CA

Are you annoyed with the fact that most salons don’t open on Sundays? Well, the best ones will provide you with their services even on Sundays. Seeing how people usually don’t have enough time to go to a salon on weekdays because of their busy schedules, Elisa Graybeal, one of the stylists of Pacific Breeze Salon located in Thousand Oaks, will finally offer her services allowing our hair salons open on Sunday!

Hair Salons Open on Sunday

Elisa has been a stylist for 3 years now. She has all the expertise to help you achieve the look that you want. Her specialties include keratin smoothing treatments and ombre & balayage techniques for hair coloring. She also only uses products that will take care of your hair properly. And some of these products are Moroccan Oil and Kenra.

Hair Salons Open on Sunday Thousand Oaks CA Elisa

As Elisa saw the high demand for stylists on Sundays, she decided to take the opportunity and let clients like you experience her excellent skills that will give you a stunning look. So if you want to get the best makeover of your life yet, head to Pacific Breeze Salon now and ask for Elisa’s services. You’ll never regret your decision of entrusting your precious hair to this highly-skilled stylist. Now, you won’t have to get stressed wondering which hair salons open on Sunday, because Pacific Breeze Salon is already on the top of your list.

What Is A Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

Styling and coloring sessions can drastically damage your hair. Your once smooth and silky tresses can become frizzy and dry which can be a big problem for you. Although DIY hair treatments or oils can help your hair temporarily, a long-term solution can save you time, money and effort. And one of the hottest treatments that everyone is talking about now is the Keratin smoothing treatment. A keratin smoothing is a satisfying treat for your hair to get back its old glow. The treatment basically makes the hair straighter, silkier, and fizz-free.

Hair Salons Open on Sunday Thousand Oaks CA

Keratin is a natural protein that your hair has and it gives the binding properties of your hair. It also gives your hair a beautiful structure and the natural shine that everyone wants to achieve. If you have curls, it’ll be able to ease your untamed locks and de-frizz it. But be careful when using keratin treatment products, because putting too much on your hair can lead to weakening and breakage of your strands.

What Is An Ombre And How Do I Keep It Shining?

An ombre will give you a bold looking hair. It is a style of coloring where the hair’s color goes from darker to lighter strands at the bottom. This coloring technique can be stressful for your hair. That’s why taking care of it after the coloring session is essential to lessen the damage.

-Avoid using iron styling tools or blow dryers because it can make your ombre hair look dull.
-You can use leave in conditioner to keep your hair hydrated and make the color appear richer.
-Hair masks and conditioner are recommended to protect your strands from harmful UV rays of the sun when you get out of the house.

Hair Salons Open on Sunday Thousand Oaks CA

Hair salons open on Sunday to accommodate their clients who only has time for salons after the weekdays. Elisa Graybeal is one of the trusted stylists that you can ask to take care of your new look. If you want to get a keratin smooth treatment or an ombre hair color from her, you can easily reach her through Pacific Breeze Salon’s website and contact number. Now you have finally found┬árelaxing hair salons near me open on Sunday in your favorite salon from an experienced stylist like Elisa.

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