Top Benefits of a Scalp Massage

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Recent research has found that a beautiful head of hair will need an ongoing personal hair care routine that includes cleaning, nourishment, and massage. People who do these three things will experience less hair problems throughout their life. Therefore, it is vital to begin taking care of your hair today so that you can reap the benefits of beautiful looking hair for the rest of your life. For more hair tips, consult one of our amazing stylists at our hair salons in Thousand Oaks CA.

hair salons in thousand oaks ca scalp massageHow Does a Weekly Scalp Massage Sound?

For example, there are many excellent benefits for people who have a regular scalp massage at least once a week. The best type of hair massage is a warm oil massage. A warm oil massage will lubricate and condition the scalp. It will help to prevent dry scalp and unsightly flaking without using any of the harsh chemical shampoos that are on the market today. A regular hair massage will relax the scalp and make it more pliable.

A warm oil massage on your scalp will also help to increase blood circulation in the neck and head area. A scalp that is tight and stressed will impede blood circulation and hair growth. A massage will also strengthen the roots of your hair while at the same time nourishing the hair shafts. This nourishment will promote new hair growth and strengthen your existing hair.

I am amazed at how soft and beautiful my hair feels after my scalp massages…

People are always amazed after having regular hair massages at the softness and manageability of their hair. The reason for this is because a hair massage will spread the natural oils that are in the hair. This will increase hair vibrancy and luster. Over time, the massage will improve your hairs resiliency and protect it from the damaging effects of the sun.

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hair salons in thousand oaks ca scalp massage 2Women especially will be happy to know that a routine hair massage will rejuvenate and replenish dry or damaged hair. It will assist in preventing split ends and excessive brittleness. When a hair massage is enriched with pacifying herbs it will help to relax the mind and calm the nervous system. Finally, a warm oil scalp and hair massage will improve and promote a good nights rest.

One of the keys to having a successful warm oil hair massage is to choose the right massage oil. It is best to choose oils that are fused with friendly herbs. These friendly herbs will nourish the hair and scalp topically. The type of oil to use will depend on your hair’s body type so, there are three different hair body types of which one is Vata hair, one is Kapha hair, and the other is Pitta hair.

Types of Hair

Vata hair is thin, frizzy and dry and is prone to split ends. Pitta hair is hair that is fine or has a tendency for premature graying or thinning. Kapha hair is usually oily and thick. Vata predominate hair should choose a sesame oil or almond oil to help reduce the tightness and stiffness of the scalp. Pitta predominate hair should use a cooling coconut oil which will help to reduce the premature graying or thinning of the hair. Kapha predominate hair can use either olive or sesame oil. All of these treatments can be discussed with your favorit hair salons in Thousand Oaks CA stylist.

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