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We offer the best haircuts, styling, and color in Thousand Oaks. Our stylists at Pacific Breeze Salon are top notch, with years of experience and training. We have the amazing stylists that will create the perfect fit & look for everyone.

All of us at Pacific Breeze Salon want you to look your best and leave our salon excited about your new hair style. Visit us today for all your hair cut, styling, coloring, and hair salon service needs!

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Cut and Blowdry $60+
Color $45+
Highlights / Lowlights $75+
Texture Waves $65+
Styling / Blowdry $45+
Extensions Consult Only for Pricing
Chemical Straightening Consult Only for Pricing
Brazilian Blowout $250+
Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment $250+
Up-Do's $65+
Blow Dry & Curls $55+
Bride $125+
Trial Only $55+
Bridesmaids $55+
Blow outs for family members $40+
Haircut / Style $35+
Color $40+
Highlights / Lowlights $45+
Naturalizing Color $35+
CHILDREN (10 & Under)
Girl's Haircut Only $15+
Girl's Haircut / Style $25+
Boy's Cut $15+










Hair Salon Services in Thousand Oaks, CA

At Pacific Breeze Salon, the goal is to provide a robust set of hair salon services that will bring a smile to your face. From highlights and lowlights to hair extensions to blowouts to perms and more, our beauty salon has a variety of services to make you feel great.

Whether it is a classic look or something unique, our hair salon in Thousand Oaks has a professional stylist ready to assist at a moment’s notice. We are open 7 days a week to serve you when it is most convenient.

Pacific Breeze Salon for World-Class Hair Salon Services

Here is more on what makes this the ultimate hair salon in Thousand Oaks for those wanting quality and consistency after entering. Below is just a little information about the several hair salon services we provide.

Brazilian Blowouts

The Brazilian Blowout is designed to provide straight hair for those who have naturally wavy strands, for longer periods of time than by just using a flat iron. Blowouts are done in a safe and effective manner using modern equipment and product for world-class results. Great results will happen from our professionally trained hair stylists.

Hair Extensions

Are you thinking about having hair extensions put in? Why not come to Pacific Breeze Salon to get assistance from hair extension experts? A customized solution will be designed for you and your needs by one of our stylists. With hair extensions, there is a variety of options both in quality, life span, and cost so we can help discuss all of your options.

This is one of the most sought after hair salon services here because of the quality provided to you, our client.


Balayages come in at a price of $60+, depending on your hair length and thickness. A stylist can speak with you about any questions you may have.  The premise of the balayage is to provide a natural flow from the top of the hair strand down to the bottom.

It’s a beautiful, modern look that is provided with care by your stylist.

Balayages vs. Highlights

This is a major concern for clients wanting to determine whether to go down one path or the other. In the end, it depends on what you prefer.

With balayages, the goal is to go softer at the root and get progressively lighter towards the bottom of the hair strand. This creates a natural effect that is appealing to some. While others prefer to go with regular highlights where the entire strand is a particular color.

This is the significant difference between both options furthermore each one has something unique to offer when it comes to advantages.

The professional stylists at this salon will discuss all of this beforehand to give clients a multitude of options to see what works for them and their needs.

Cost of Highlights

How much does it cost to get highlights at this salon?

The costs are going to come in at $60+. It is important to note that each person is going to have a custom quote given to them, so a fair price is given. This is a well-regarded salon and our stylists provide great solutions for those wanting to get highlights or lowlights.

The selection of colors is robust meaning a great, personalized style will be on offer for those who choose this as the option for their hair. Pacific Breeze Salon only uses professional quality hair color, therefore your hair is not damaged becoming dry or brittle.

How Long Will Highlights Last?

Each person and how fast their hair grows will vary, therefore it has to be factored in before a timeline can be provided. Every client will have the price discussed with them by a salon stylist before hair salon services are offered, therefore clients feel comfortable before services start.

In essence, it takes around 6-8 weeks for the first inch to grow out. Some prefer to get retouching done on their hair at this point while others will wait out for it to grow longer. This is a personal preference, but the retouches can do wonders for their hair.

With the finest hair salon services in the region, Pacific Breeze Salon is the ultimate option for those wanting quality styling. Whether it is a balayage treatment or highlights, you know that Pacific Breeze Salon is the best place to come, and as a result, you will receive professional assistance.

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