What Type of Hair Extensions Should I Get?

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Sew In Hair Extensions Vs Clip In Hair Extensions

The world of hair extensions isn’t black and white. Clients will see various options put in front of them, and it’s important to understand what the advantages are of each option. This read will dissect sew in hair extensions vs. clip in hair extensions for those on the fence about which direction to go in.

Sew In Hair Extension

Let’s start with the sew in hair extension. These extensions designed to be sewn into the hair weft. You will require professional assistance for this to be completed correctly and safely.

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Here are some of the pros and cons of sew in hair extensions…

Pros of Sew in Hair Extension

*Easy To Maintain

*Easy To Remove


*Range of Options

Cons of Sew in Hair Extension

*Requires Hair To Be Retightened (Every Four Months)

* Not For All Hair Types

Who are these hair extensions made for?

In general, you will want to be someone who is looking to get a long-term solution in place and are willing to spend money on it. This is a cost-effective option and is going to do wonders for you in the long-term. You will find it to be beneficial if hair extensions are a big part of your styling.

Why keep spending money on clip in hair extensions when you can go with a permanent solution? It simply doesn’t make sense to keep going back to the hair salon for clip in hair extensions if you are going to be a repeat client. Instead, you want to stick to these hair extensions as they make sense.

Clip In Hair Extension

The next option in this comparison would be the clip in hair extensions. These are hair extensions where a clip is attached to the hair to ensure the length is natural and even.

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Here are the pros and cons of clip in hair extensions…

Pros of Clip in Hair Extension

* Different Sizes

* Ideal For Short-Term Events

* Easy To Put In

* Work Well With All Hair Colors

Cons of Clip in Hair Extension

* Don’t Last (Temporary)

* Improper Placement Can Damage Hair

* Easier To Spot With Thin Hair

So, who should be selecting clip in hair extensions while digging through both options?

In general, the clip in hair extension is ideal for those who have a special event around the corner. Let’s say you are a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding or have a party around the corner; you might want to look at these.

They provide a world-class temporary solution that’s going to work with your hair texture.

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If you want something long-term, you won’t like the idea of clip ins as they won’t last as long. Instead, you should be looking at the previous option in the form of sew in hair extensions.

We are the top salon for hair extensions Thousand Oaks. Please take the time to weigh the pros and cons of each option with the help of one of our professional hair stylists. They will be able to break these nuances down and help with your decision-making process. If you factor in the pros and cons, you will be content with the decision that’s made.

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