What Type of Hair Extensions Should I Get?

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Sew In Hair Extensions Vs Clip In Hair Extensions The world of hair extensions isn’t black and white.¬†Clients will see various options put in front of them, and it’s important to understand what the advantages are of each option. This read will dissect sew in hair extensions vs. clip in hair extensions for those on the fence about which direction …

Lori GalvezWhat Type of Hair Extensions Should I Get?

Key Advantages Of Moroccan Oil

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Moroccan oil is one of the most powerful hair care solutions in the world. Industry experts allude to its natural properties and how efficient it can be in the long-term for your hair’s integrity. Take the time to appreciate the key advantages of Moroccan oil and what it brings to your life as soon as it’s used. This article will …

Lori GalvezKey Advantages Of Moroccan Oil

Are You Curious What Is a Blow Dry Bar?

For women and men alike, the decision of what to do with their hair is a very personal one that can involve anything from religious iconography (such as the dreadlocks of a Rastafarian or a tonsure for a new Buddhist) to pop culture references (witness the rise and fall of the Rachel cut twenty years ago, or do some online …

Lori GalvezAre You Curious What Is a Blow Dry Bar?

How To Combat Oily Hair Effectively

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Hormonal imbalances and genetics are often behind persistent oily and greasy hair problems. However, oily hair sometimes appears suddenly, which is the result of either using the wrong type or too much of styling product that builds up over time. Luckily, you can do something. We can help you learn how to combat oily hair. Read on for tips, or …

Lori GalvezHow To Combat Oily Hair Effectively