A Great Hair Salon is Essential for Your Beautiful Hair

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Women everywhere want their hair to enhance their looks. So finding a hair salon that will work with them to reach that goal is important. Whether your preferred style is long, short or in between, your professional stylist is able to help. Hair stylists can help choose the most attractive look for each of their clients.

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Women are very loyal once they have found the stylist. Finding someone who can cut, color and style their hair in the most attractive way is priceless. Stylists at the most successful salons work hard to make sure clients are satisfied and become long time customers. And at Pacific Breeze Salon in Thousand Oaks, it’s no different.

Sit Back and Relax at Pacific Breeze Salon

Even though many clients are likely most interested in their hair style, you also want to experience a friendly and relaxed atmosphere during an appointment. Sometimes you may need to wait a short amount of time once you arrive. You can relax and unwind in our comfortable waiting area. Our hair salon offers coffee or water and several hair style magazines for you to browse through during your wait.

The atmosphere at Pacific Breeze Salon is warm, welcoming, and friendly. Our clients and stylists often develop a relationship that includes chatting about family, friends, and everyday activities. Our professional stylist will also discuss whether you have been satisfied with your previous hair cut and/or hair color treatment. Any changes in hair preference should be agreed on before any work begins.

More Than a Hair Salon

Our hair salon also offers top of the line hair care products including Colure, Regenix, Kenra, Brazilian Blowout, Moroccan Oil, It’s A 10. Beauty is not only about having wonderful hair. Women are also interested in using the most effective skin care products as well. Pacific Breeze Salon is also able to advise our clients as to how they can best improve their appearance, including and complete make-up services. hair salon in Thousand Oaks Ca

At Pacific Breeze Salon we focus on products and services that help you, our client present your best image to the public. While our services most often address haircut, style, and color, we also provide facial waxing and eyebrow tinting services.

Pacific Breeze Salon, Not Just for Women

Although women make up the highest percentage of our hair salon’s clientele, men and children are offered the same professional services. Children who are getting their first haircut need to feel relaxed and secure without fear of the unknown. Their first haircut may involve a very limited cut so the child will not fear coming in for the next appointment. Our stylists will be gentle and soft-spoken, and a parent should be nearby.

Many men also visit Pacific Breeze Salon. Most men want their hair to be cut in the most attractive style for them and we can help. Our hair stylists will advise them about the best cut for them, and also recommend products that will work best with their hair type to ensure it remains healthy and attractive.

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Lori GalvezA Great Hair Salon is Essential for Your Beautiful Hair