Experience The Magic Of A Brazilian Blowout

beautiful brazilian blowout thousand oaks hair salon

Are you tired of blow drying and fixing your hair every day? Does it take up too much of your time? There is a new effective and innovative treatment available for everyone called Brazilian Blowout. This technology will help improve the condition and appearance of your hair.

It is also known as the keratin treatment or permanent blowdry. The Brazilian blowout is the latest professional hair smoothing treatment. It creates a protective layer on every strand of your hair to smoothen its cuticle.

Get a Customized Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian blowout is a customizable treatment which explains why it’s applicable for every hair type. Whether you have a fine, damaged, kinky, curly, frizzy, or coarse hair, this will definitely work wonders for you. For people with curly hair, it will minimize that stubborn and familiar frizz. If you have a wavy hair, this treatment will make your hair healthy and naturally straight. And if you already have a straight hair, it will make your hair shinier and healthier than ever.

If you use the after-care maintenance that will be offered to you, the treatment will last for about 12 weeks. The good thing about this treatment is that the more you get it, the longer the result will last and the healthier your hair will be. You can choose between the two variants, the volume and Acai line.

beautiful brazilian blowout thousand oaks hair salon

The volume products contain proteins and amino acids to provide your hair a long lasting volume and shine while protecting each hair strand. It includes the volume shampoo, volume conditioner, and instant volume thermal root lift. On the other hand, the Acai products will extend the life of your hair treatment. Theses consist of the anti-frizz shampoo, anti-frizz conditioner as well as the anti-frizz serum.

What Happens During the Brazilian Blowout Treatment

The treatment takes about 90 minutes to be finished. The first step for achieving a straight, shiny, and healthy hair is to wash hair with a special shampoo created just for this type of treatment. Afterward, the keratin treatment is carefully applied onto your wet hair. Your hair will then be blow dried and ironed afterward. Last step would be rinsing and drying your hair.

Getting this hair treatment done is really worth it. You can do absolutely anything after going through the procedures. There is no need to leave your unwashed for a few days just to let it settle. Right after leaving the salon, you can immediately wash your hair or even put it up in a ponytail.

beautiful brazilian blowout thousand oaks hair salon

If you love changing your hair color, you don’t have to worry because you can have your hair colored and it will not affect the keratin treatment. Just make sure to have your hair colored prior to getting a keratin treatment or 2 weeks after it.

Visit a Certified Salon For Your Brazilian Blowout

You must also remember to visit a certified salon, like Pacific Breeze Salon, that specializes in this type of treatment. This is perfect for busy people who have very little time to fix or style their hair. It is also a good treatment if you want to steer clear of relaxers and other straightening treatment. With the Brazilian blowout, expect the end result to be healthier, straighter, shinier, and frizz-free hair.

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