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We offer the best haircuts in Thousand Oaks. Our team of stylists have many years of training and experience. Our specialty is “color correction” and will make sure you leave our salon excited about your new hairstyle.


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Trust the Best Hair Salon Thousand Oaks

Welcome to the website of Pacific Breeze Salon, a place where your hair is going to get the best in contemporary treatments. From simple trims to keratin complex smoothing therapy and prom hairstyles, we can do it all.

Pacific Breeze ranks among the best hair salon Thousand Oaks for a reason. Our team consists of hair stylists that have numerous years of experience. The treatment you get will be 100 percent based on their extensive knowledge and you’ll also enjoy a high degree of personalization.

Our Hair Salon Services

As one of the top hair salons Thousand Oaks, we offer an array of possibilities to our clients. Some of the most popular services include:

  • Hair cutting and styling: whether you’re looking for a simple trim or a complete change in hairstyle, you’ve come to the right place. Let us know what you want and your Pacific Breeze hair stylist will let you know whether the shape and the length are the right ones for you. Blow drying and blowouts are also available to complete your transformation.
  • Hair coloring: getting your hair colored professionally is paramount for long-lasting results. DIY treatments at home don’t always produce the results you’re hoping for, especially if you have long or textured hair. We work with professional hair coloring products that produce vibrant tones and nourish the hair at the same time.
  • Highlights and lowlights: Do you want to give your hair a bit of movement and additional texture? One of the simplest ways to accomplish those goals involves highlights and lowlights. The variation of color produces depth and brightens up your hairstyle. The highlights can be quite unobtrusive and they will simply contribute to the polished look of your hair.
  • The addition of texture: very often, hair will look lifeless and heavy because it’s either too long or it lacks texture. The Pacific Breeze stylist will suggest the best texture option that will add volume to the hairstyle. If you’re looking for waves, you’ll get those professionally executed, as well.
  • Hair styling: sometimes, pampering yourself isn’t about a haircut or a complete transformation. Whether you’re going on a date or to a wedding reception, professional hair styling will boost your confidence. We offer an array of styling possibilities from simple blow drying to curling and putting your hair up.

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  • Professional extensions: if you want to make your hair look thicker and more luscious, consider the addition of hair extensions. Our stylists work with high-quality extensions that will blend right in. A professional treatment is the way to go if you want the extensions to look natural and to last a long time.
  • Chemical straightening: do you have wavy or curly hair that’s difficult to tame? In this case, chemical straightening will be the right procedure for you. Relaxing treatments give you long-term results, making unruly hair much more manageable.
  • Brazilian blowout: this customized treatment is available in the best hair salon Thousand Oaks and it’s highly personalized. It minimizes frizz formation, makes curly hair manageable and produces natural results. Your hair will be straight for about 12 weeks, it will look luscious and healthy.
  • Keratin complex smoothing treatment: this is a professional, in-salon hair smoothing option. Apart from making hair manageable, the keratin treatment also increases its strength and repairs damage. In addition, the treatment keeps humidity and other environmental factors from getting hair frizzy once again.
  • Waxing services: apart from having an array of styling options, we also give our clients access to professional waxing services for long-lasting results.

Specialized Hair Salon Services

On top of the extensive range of hair styling services we have available, the Pacific Breeze Salon stylists offer specialized solutions, as well.

If you need professional hair styling for a special occasion, you’ll be particularly pleased with the experience and the creative approach of our stylists. We know what it takes to shine during a wedding, a prom or a corporate gala.

We work with professional hair care products that deliver aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting results. MoroccanOil is just one example. The innovative formulas nourish the hair, making it shiny and luscious for the special occasion. We rely on other professional grade products, as well. These include renowned brands like Regenix and Colure.

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